Give rights to GB or face a ‘GB Tahaffuz Movement’: Farhatullah Babar

Islamabad Politics Report/Moazzam Raza Tabassam: “If all coercive laws have been extended to GB why the human rights related laws were not extended to it.”

This was asked by former Senator Farhatullah Babar at a seminar today warning also against the emergence of a GB Tahaffuz Movement like the Pashtun tahhafuz Movement.

The seminar organized by Shaheed Bhutto Foundation at the National Press Club Islamabad today was also addressed by human rights activist Marvi Sarmad, Amjad Hussain president PPP GB, Moulana Ataullah of JUI and speakers from Gilgit Baltistan.

The people of G-B pay all taxes, they are issued Pakistani CNICs and Passports and also recruited in the army but were denied representation in the national parliament and the local legislative assembly was not allowed to make laws in critical areas.

Both physically and intellectually its people had been thrown into in a dark pit as it was neither connected to the national grid nor it had a board of secondary education, he said.

The people of GB have been fed on false hopes, broken promises and utter lies.

The people had seen through the falsehood and were asking that if that if rights were denied to them because it was a disputed territory then why CPEC passed through it and Bahsha Dam project planned there.

He said that the voice from the black hole of GB was not heard in Islamabad because human rights defenders like Baba Jan had been jailed for raising voice for the righrs of people. He demanded withdrawal of politically motivated cases against rights activists.

He said that GB was denied autonomy even after 18th Amendment on the ground of ‘disputed territory’ but the 21st constitutional amendment was promptly extended for setting up of military courts.

He proposed special seminars simultaneously in all provincial capitals and GB on the issue of silencing the voice of people of GB by jailing its rights defenders.

Rejecting the proposed Empowerment Order 2018 he said it was insulting to the people that legislation powers were given one person in Islamabad who may even have never visited the area.

Farhatullah Babar said that a less talked issue was the massive displacement of populations by natural disasters and taking over of their lands for strategic reasons.

Syed Amjad Hussain president PPP GB said that citizens of the disputed Indian held J &K have all rights as equal citizens and asked why the people of GB could not have their rights.

He called for empowering Legislative Assembly to legislate on all matters  and representation of GB in NFC and CCI.

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