SC temporarily bars PIA from using Markhor Image on tail

Islamabad Politics Report: The Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar temporarily banned on Sunday Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) from using the Markhor logo on its planes tail.

While hearing the suo motu case regarding the airline’s performance, the CJP further ordered PIA to suspend all activities regarding the upgrading of the national carriers until the submission of a report on the matter.

“We have found out that you are planning to replace our national flag [on the tails of PIA aircraft] with the picture of an animal,” the chief justice said to PIA’s Managing Director (MD) Musharraf Rasool Cyan.

“Which animal are you planning to place on the tails of the planes?” he inquired,

On inquiring which animal would be replacing the national flag, he was apprised that it would be an image of the national animal, Markhor.

The PIA MD was then directed to present the details of the award of contract for using the desired image on the planes.

“Do you know the cost required for [placing the new mascot on the tail of] each plane?” asked the CJP and wondered if PIA generates enough funds to be able to splurge on re-branding.

“Rs2.7 million are required to place one sticker on the tail of each plane,” replied Musharraf to which Justice Nisar responded by saying that the cost for placing a sticker on each plane would go up to Rs3.4 million.

Moreover, he also admonished Musharraf Cyan about the delay in his recent flight from Karachi to Islamabad on Saturday.

“Do you know what time I reached Islamabad yesterday? Why was my flight two-and-a-half hours late?” the CJP asked. He was informed that technical difficulties had caused a delay in the flight.

The CJP further grilled Cyan by asking what his niece was doing in the national carrier. However, Cyan denied having any family member working in PIA.

The CJP concluded by warning the PIA MD. “I will also take a look at your performance,” he said.

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