Col. Joseph fail to get clearance, US airplane returns without diplomate

Islamabad Politics Report/Moazzam Raza Tabassam : Pakistani authorities refused saturday to give a clearance to Colonel Joseph, reponsible for killing a youth in capital. The American plane returned back to Bagram airbase  without the diplomat.

The airplane that had arrived at the Nur Khan airbase to carry US military attache Col Joseph Emanuel Hall out of Pakistan has reportedly returned after the US diplomat failed to get clearance from Pakistani authorities.
An airplane was arrived at Nur Khan Airbase Rawalpindi to carry US military attache Col Joseph Emanuel Hall, accused of killing a youth in an accident, out of Pakistan.

Sources have told that the Nur Khan airbase authorities have contacted the Federal Investigation Agency to check whether Colonel Joseph can fly out of the country.

Col Joseph Emanuel Hall, Defence and Air Attache at the US Embassy, had killed a motorcyclist and injured another as he jumped a red traffic signal at Zoo intersection on Margalla Road on April 7. Ateeq Baig, 22, was killed on the spot while his pillion rider was injured.
US envoy placed on ‘blacklist’ for killing biker

The Ministry of Interior later placed the name of the US diplomat on a ‘blacklist’, prohibiting him leaving the country without permission from authorities concerned.

FIA sources say Col Joseph is unlikely to be allowed to fly abroad in the present situation.

“His name is blacklisted and he wouldn’t be allowed to fly,” an official of FIA said.

Baig’s father approached the Islamabad High Court seeking directions for the police to investigate the case and the government to place the diplomat’s name on Exit Control List (ECL).

Motorcyclist responsible for accident with US Embassy car: police

The high court on Friday had directed the Ministry of Interior to decide whether to put the US diplomat’s name the ECL.

The court directed the interior ministry to decide the matter in two weeks. It also observed that the diplomat did not enjoy absolute immunity.

On May 8, the police also arrested a security officer of the US Embassy who had allegedly obstructed police to protect Hall after the April 7 accident.

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