PPP Centeral Punjab leadership failure led Bilawal to Mandi

Bilawal Bhutto’s Mandi Bahauddin and adjoining areas visits have a clear indication that the centeral punjab party leadership was failed to deal the damage caused by leaving Afzal Chan.

While travelling to Lahore, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Monday,was made brief stay and addresses the membership campaign camps at Mandi Bahauddin and visited the party membership compaign camps on way.

The party’s central punjab leadership and organization was failed to overcome the political loss of Afzal Chen’s joing the rival the PTI ahead of the general election2018.

Afzal Chan, the provincial ledar of the PPP and prominent candidate in election2013 from Mandi Bahauddin was changed political loyalites just months before next national elections and joined the PTI, after which the victory of PPP candidates from constituencies of this and adjoining districts in the comming elections has become a difficult task.

PPP has faced the challenge of popularity of PTI in Mandi Bahawuddin and adjoining districts. Former PPP ministers and MPs of the PPP have joined the PTI.

More over , due to losing popularity in his area and as get defeate by people’s of his contituancy facutually in 2013 election ,PPP centeral punjab Persidant Qamar Zaman Kaira, whom belongs to adjoining district of Mandi Bahauddin, also facing cirtical situation ahead of election.

In fact , PPP leader of Central Punjab have less popularity in their constituencies. During previous PPP government, they were failed to fulfill the expectations of the people of thier constituancies and are now facing difficult situation ahead of elections being candidates.

In view of this critical situation, to get the public confidence for the party in coming election, chairman Bilawal decided to visit these constituencies on the requests of centeral punjab party leaders.

In alliance with PTI , the PPP centeral punjab leadership was managed to win some union council of  Mandi and adjoing districts in local bodies elections held 3 years before. But during visist of Mandi.

Bilawal Bhutto’s denial for any possibility of pre-election alliance with PTI, made the election task mission imposible for the “self claimed nationwide popular” party leaders of centeral punjab.

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