The Latest: 8 journalists among 25 killed in Kabul suicide attacks, IS takes Responsibality

Islamabad Politics desk Report: Twin blasts in the Afghan capital Kabul killed 25 people and dozens injured on Monday, including journalists,officials said.

The Afghan Journalists Safety Committee said eight journalists had been killed and French news agency Agence France-Presse confirmed that its chief photographer in Afghanistan, Shah Marai, was among the dead. A Reuters photographer was slightly wounded.

The journalists who had arrived to report on the first explosion and who were apparently targeted by a suicide bomber in a second attack.

At least six journalists were among the wounded,Wahidullah Majroh, spokesman for the health ministry, said.

Najib Danish, spokesman for the interior ministry, said the suicide bomber appeared to have posed as a journalist and blew himself up where reporters and emergency health officials were standing.

Hashmat Stanakzai, a senior Kabul police official, said 25 people were killed and 49 were seriously wounded.

In Kabul, where these attacks have been carried out, apart from the NATO headquarters, there are also several embassies of the countries. The attack came a week after 60 people were killed as they waited at a voter registration center in the west of Kabul, underlining the continuing insecurity in the capital despite official pledges to tighten defenses.

IS takes responsibility 

The Islamic State group has taken responsibility for the double suicide bombing in Kabul this morning.

The Afghan affiliate of the militant group, known as Khorasan Province, posted an urgent statement on an IS-affiliate website saying two of its martyrdom seekers carried out the double bombing on Monday targeting the headquarters of the “renegade” Afghan intelligence services in Kabul.

It says the first martyrdom seeker detonated his explosive vest, forcing members of the intelligence service to head to the area of the explosion. The statement says the second martyrdom seeker detonated his explosive vest after that.

The statement did not say that journalists were specifically targeted but exaggerated the attacks’ death toll.

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