Zardari says it is pointless to comment on budget

Islamabad Politics Report/ Moazzam Raza Tabassam: “It is pointless to comment on the budget, an exercise that has no legal, moral and political basis but seems driven solely by greed and political ambition”.

This has been stated by former President Asif Ali Zardari responding to the budget 2018-19 presented in the National AssemblyFriday evening despite opposition of three federating units of the federation.

He said that keeping in view the correct moral and legal position the PPP has decided to present Sindh budget only for three months and asked why the federal government insisted on presenting budget for the entire year when it will no longer be in power after two months.

Is it the temptation of PSDP projects worth hundreds of billions and the huge commission involved, he further asked?

Zardari warned that ignoring the provinces in the PSDP formulation will only alienate the provinces and undermine the federation. Seldom before a government in Islamabad has been so insensitive to the concerns of the federating units, he said.

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