HRCP concerns recent terrorism wave in Quetta

Islamabad Politics Report/Moazzam Raza Tabassam:Terrorism in Balochistan has increased once again in recent weeks, not only targeting security and law enforcement agencies, but also those who belong to Christians and Hazara Shi’ite.

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), a neutral organization of human rights, condemned increase in deadly attacks in Quetta this month.

In the two separate areas of Quetta this week, Frontier Corps and Police were targeted in two suicide attacks in a few minutes, in which several officers were killed and injured.

Dr. Mehdi Hassan, chairman of ‘HRCP’, told VOA that there is an increasing wave of violence in Quetta that has caused the city to be wrapped up since the beginning of April.

He said that in Quetta, Christian and Shiite Hazara communities are also targeting targeted killings.

It is clear that on April 1, unidentified armed men opened fire on a Hazara community riding on a car in which a person was killed and one injured.

In Quetta, April 15, four Christians riding a rash near a church near the church were shot dead and in the same month, three people of Hazara Siaiya community were killed in two separate incidents.

“In such cases people of most religious minorities are being targeted manually”,Dr. Mahdi Hassan said.

“HRCP is also concerned about not being effective and solid action by the state,” he said.

According to a recent report issued by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, during the last five years, in Balochistan, only 509 people were killed and 627 wounded in the Hazara community.

The HRCP said in a statement that “Law enforcement agencies who are responsible for protecting civilians, are also targeted by these attacks. This fact shows the seriousness of the issue of peace and security in the province. Is.”

The commission has emphasized the government to bring perpetrators of justice to the perpetrators of justice and take action against those elements that encourage violence against the minority communities.

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