JUI-F MNA Naeema Kishwar’s aligation on UNHCR Schools proven false

Islamabad Politics Report/Moazzam Raza Tabassam: The JUI-F member National Assembly Naeema Kishwar proved to be false, anti-Pakistan sllyabus is not being taught in UN schools established in Afghan refugee camps.

During the meeting held in parliament house today, the National Assembly Standing Committee on States and Frontier Regions (SAFRON) discussed the Point of Order raised by Ms. Naeema Kishwer Khan, MNA in national assembaly session on 25th January, 2018 regarding anti-Pakistan syllabus being taught to Afghan Refugees Children in the schools established under the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

The Chief Commissioner, Afghan Refugees informed the Committee that teams were formed to visit the schools and to check the syllabus being taught in the schools of Government of Pakistan and the schools under the UNHCR to the Afghan Refugees Children.

As per information provided by the visiting teams, the books being taught in Refugee Camp schools are the same that are being taught in Government of Pakistan schools and no anti-Pakistan revised curriculum/syllabus is being taught in Afghan schools run in the Afghan Community. he added,

United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) further informed that Country Representative, UNHCR has also clarified that no such textbooks have been distributed or are in the pipeline to be distributed and used in Afghan Refugees schools in Pakistan.

The Country Representative, UNHCR has further assured that no new syllabus will be introduced without getting prior approval from the Government of Pakistan.

The Committee also expressed its great concern on banning the release of funds under the Annual Development Program for the development projects/schemes in FATA by the Finance Division.

The Committee was informed that only Rs. 12 billion out of Rs. 24 billion has been released to the FATA Secretariat so far.

The Committee recommended that the Finance Division should release the remaining funds and give permission of re-appropriation to the FATA Secretariat in order to spend the allocated budget of the ADP and complete the ongoing development schemes in FATA in time.

The Committee also discussed the issue of alleged irregularities in process of Tenders for construction of roads in Tira, Khyber Agency as observed by the Honorable MNA of the concerned Agency.

During the meeing , Mr. Nasir Khan, MNA of Khyber Agency pointed out that the Tender of roads in Khyber Agency were opened in Tira instead of Khyber Agency Headquarter.

He further pointed out that the roads for which Tenders have been carried out by the quarters concerned have already been constructed and the Tenders awarded to the special group in violation of Pakistan Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) Rules.

The Standing Committee appointed a two member Sub-Committee with Nasir Khan Convener to probe into the matter of alleged irregularities in process of roads Tenders in Tira, Khyber Agency under ADP 2017-18 by the Works and Services Department, FATA Secretariat. Mr Qasir Jamal MNA and Bilal Rehman will be the members of committee.

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