PPP Demands transparent investigations in award of Mohmand Dam contract

Islamabad Politics Report/ Moazzam Raza Tabassam: While  the Prime Minister Imran Khan is preparing to inaugurate the construction work of Mohmand Dam, the PPP has demanded the investigation in award of project contract.

In a statement the Secretary General of the PPPP ex Senator Farhatullah Babar said that the Party waited for two days hoping that credible explanation will be offered but the explanation offered raised more serious questions than it sought to answer.

“The award of Mohmand Dam contract to Descon-Pakistan belonging to Advisor Commerce is sheer conflict of interest, most unethical and tip of the iceberg of a monumental scandal that must be probed transparently”, Farhatullah Babar said.

Descon-Pakistan of Advisor to PM on Commerce in partnership with China’s CGGC as sole bidder is set to win the Rs 300 billion contract, he added.

Since no credible explanation has been offered the Party demands a transparent probe into the matter and till the probe is completed the Advisor Commerce must step aside, , he said.

Farhatullah Babar demanded answers to the following questions:

“Is it correct that the offers made by other bidders were rejected on technical grounds leaving the field open for Descon-CGGC as sole bidder?”

“Is it not mandatory to invite fresh bids after other bidders were disqualified?

“Is it correct that the Joint venture Descon-CGGC submitted bids after last general elections?”

“How soon the financial bids of Descon Joint venture were opened after the other bidders were disqualified on technical grounds?

“Is it correct that PPRA Rules do not allow acceptance of single bids and whether and what procedure adopted to bypass this requirement?

The explanation that Descon is holding only 30% share in the joint venture is laughable, audacious and offensive to common intelligence that amounts to criminal cover up, he said.

He said that just two days ago the current and former speakers of KP Assembly were found guilty of misuse of authority in the appointment of a senior officer of the Assembly.

Recently the cabinet directed CDA to amend Master Plan of the capital for regularizing the Banigala residence of the Prime Minister and now this scandalous contract of Mohmand Dam, he said.

He demanded of the government to clean its own house. The PPP will expose and chase the corrupt no matter how high their position and how low their character, he said.

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