Nawaz Sharif came into power through “back-door negotiations”: Khursheed Shah

Islamabad Politics Report/Moazzam Raza Tabassam: Opposition leader  Khursheed Shah has claimed that Nawaz Sharif came into power through “back-door negotiations” before the general elections in 2013.

The Pakistan Peoples Party leader on Tuesday criticised the ousted prime minister for being silent when others were being suppressed. “He wants the best for himself but not others,” said Shah.

Speaking on the upcoming elections, he said politicians should ensure all parties have a level playing field. A political crisis hinders the development process of the country, he observed. “Our governments are not made through free and fair elections. Rigging and political maneuverings taint our election progress.”

Doubting the transparency of past elections, he lamented that the institutions were prevented to exercise their due autonomy to conduct free and fair elections. “If certain institutions continue to meddle in a dirty game, they will not be considered loyal to the nation.”

He maintained that the Election Commission of Pakistan had a constitutional right to ensure that the general elections were conducted in a free and fair environment.

He urged ECP to create a situation that did not leave space for rigging allegations. “Transparent elections strengthen the state.”

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