Defected 10-15 MPs were never part of the PML-N : Nawaz Sharif

Islamabad Politics Monitor: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday said that the recent party members who have defected were never part of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).

Talking to journalists inside the accountability court about Monday’s defection of eight party lawmakers from South Punjab on the pretext of making the region into a separate province, Nawaz said that something probably ‘descended’ on those who left the party.

 “Maybe something has been revealed   to them,” he said satirically.

The former prime minister  said the PMLN’s victory in Lodhran by election was expression of confidence over the record development work undertaken by his party in south Punjab.

He said such comings and goings were normal, but people like these defectors bring  bad name to politics.

“They were never part of the party,” he said, adding that, “their background is also not from the PML-N”.

“These were not the people who voted for me in the political parties act in the assembly. They were a part of the 10-15 people who did not vote for me,” he said further.

“Such people bring a bad name to politics, they keep coming and going,” he asserted.

He also lamented that in Balochistan, a party came out of nowhere and started pulling in people.

Moreover, Nawaz claimed that Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has undertaken record development in South Punjab and termed the recent Lodhran by-poll win of the party as an expression of public satisfaction with the government.

Nawaz also lamented that those who worked for the country are being dragged through courts whereas those who never followed the law are touring up and down the country.

Maryam, Nawaz’s daughter, wondered why after every 10 years Nawaz is brought in the dock.

Nawaz also spoke out on the controversial issue of missing persons, saying that the matter is a serious issue of the country.

Nawaz said making someone disappear is a “grave crime”.

The three-time premier wondered what families of missing persons go through, not knowing whether their loved ones are dead or alive.

Later, speaking outside the court, Nawaz repeated his statements made inside the court.

Nawaz added that those leaving the party will, God willing, not find a place to stand.

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