Briefer: Regional economic cooperation between US, India and Afghanistan

Moazzam Raza Tabassam

In order to strengthen regional economic ties and showcase Afghanistan’s products and also investment opportunities the United States, Afghanistan, and India held the second annual joint trade and investment show in Mumbai yesterday. More than 2,000 Afghan, Indian, and international businesses participating, and on the first day alone more than $160 million in agreements were signed, many of those which will support U.S. and Afghan jobs along the supply chain. This year’s show included an agreement between Afghanistan’s Bayat Group and Siemens for the provision of turbines produced in the United States that will support 60 to 70 U.S. jobs in Houston and also provide power to northern Afghanistan to support the local economy, increase stability, and promote self-sufficiency. That event is sponsored by USAID and will continue through Saturday.

India is a very close friend of the United States. Both have among the strongest people-to-people ties. There are more than three million Indian Americans living in the United States, so that was certainly part of the recent US-India high level meetings and the conversations.

COMCASA was also something important that was signed between the Department of Defense and also the ministry of defense in India, and that was something important that had been a long – a long time in the making. So US was pleased to have signed that with the Indian Government because that not only supports jobs but also supports better military-to-military cooperation. They also agreed to doing more work on the military-to-military front.

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