Rejoinder to Pervez Khattak by Farhatullah Babar

“Mr Pervez Khattak has sought to degrade as a class the innumerable political activists in the country who hold on to the ppp flag.The sight of ppp flag boils his blood and he calls names to all who hold it.But for many long years and until recently the same tricolor fluttered on the car of Pervez Khattak, flew atop his house and adorned his office. I don’t know, how he saw himself at the time;I really don’t want to know. But one thing is clear: in the company of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and in the ppp he dare not employ such derogatory language against anyone let alone about himself. In the company of Imran khan and steeped in the culture of abusive language employed by the PTI he has degraded himself in the eyes of the public. What a headlong fall of Mr. Khattak in the bottomless pit of ignominy and self degradation. Seldom before anyone abused himself in public even if unwittingly. It takes all sorts of people to make this world go, including unfortunately those, no matter how high their position and how low their character.”

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