Butcher of Sawat Mullah Fazal Ullah killed in US drone strikes: Reports

Islamabad Politics Report/Moazzam Raza Tabassam: Mullah Fazal Ullah, the head of TTP and his two colleagues have been killed in a US drone strike late Wednesday.

The Afghan Ministry of Defense spokesperson, Mohammad Radmanish, told CNNthat Mullah Fazlullah, who led the TTP from 2013, was killed in the US strike on Wednesday (June 13).

US military spokesman Lt. Col. Martin O’Donald has not named Fazlullah in his statement.

“The US forces targeted  Tehreek Taliban Pakistan’s senior leader in Kunar province on thirteen June, on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan in a counter-terrorism operation”, US spokesman stated.

Further, Pentagon officials refused to comment on whether the strike was successful, US media reported.

Mullah Fazal Ullah had directed numerous high-profile attacks against the US and Pakistan, US official said.

Fazal Ullah had also conducted many other deadly attacks including December 2014 attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar that claimed lives of 151 people, out of which 130 were children.

The US officials further underscored that it was Mullah Fazal Ullah who had ordered the 2012 attempted assassination of Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai.


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