What are the threats to the election 2018?

  • By Moazzam Raza Tabassam

“The appointment of the unanimous caretaker Prime Minister reveals that the political parties of Pakistan are capable of resolving problems.”
After the election of two thousand thirteen, it was raised by the PTI that the elections have been intensely rigged. PPP believes that Justice Nasir ul-Mulk is aware of the concerns of the people and he will try hard to make these elections fair and transparent. Nasir ul Mulk was the head of this commission, who has made complaints about the allegations. Hearing and investigating it. He have such experiences, and he is also aware of their concerns. So People’s Party leadership think he will overcome these concerns by using their full capabilities and make transparent elections. 

Earlier in the capital Islamabad, the news was hot that the PML-N would not accept any retired Judge or General but the party‘s senior leader Senator Raja Zafar ul Haq said that the party never said, If Khursheed Shah has said such a thing, then ask him.

Actually, those known as “Shah Key Chohey ” was the source of such gossips in Capital.

Actually, the Nawaz League had feared that if the matter went to the committee and there was no consensus, then it would be done in the Election Commission. Many concerns arose from going there and also took worries on holding elections. So the Nawaz League thought that it should be agreed because Nasir ul-ulk has no controversial role. Javed Hashimi had also revealed revelations regarding Nasir ul-Mulk. But the Nasir’s role was neutral in the investigation was conducted on election 2013.

This impression in the country is common that the role of establishment will increase during the caretaker government. The Nawaz Sharif also tried to produce the same impression several times. But only the retired generals turned analyst has believed that GHQ will remain neutral in the entire election process, but many are keen to put everything to the debris on the politicians. As such were because more than a dozen people were killed in Model Town, and they were not getting justice, but also the eyes was placed on the army.

Now it has become clear that this caretaker setup has been brought by the political leadership. However, political parties demonstrated wisdom, but the consensus on the caretaker prime minister failed to eradicate concerns about the timely holding of elections. Although the government has postponed the cencus proceedings till the upcomming elections, it was considered as a reason to delay the elections. However, in the Senate Standing Committee meeting, the Election Commission officials have described the threat to sabotage the elections.

Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) informed the Senate Committee on Monday that according to his assessment, there was a possibility of attempts to sabotage the upcoming polls. During the 2013 electionsthere were so many security issues, not only in Quetta, where a district election commissioner died in a bomb blast, but there were also grenade attacks at five places in Balochistan. Security issues had also arisen in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Karachi. In Khuzdarpolling could not take place at 14 polling stations and the results of 36 polling stations had not been handed over to polling agents.

Similar incidents could happen again, and election commission fears that the training centres of returning officers could be attacked, so ECP took the chief secretaries of all provinces on board to ensure security. Training of assistant presiding officers is currently under way.

It might not be possible for the ECP to appoint armed forces personnel at all polling stations. It won’t be possible for Pak Army to withdraw such a large number of personnel from the eastern and western borders. Election Commission official views that the army officials will only be deputed at sensitive polling stations. On the other hand, as many as 350,000 police officials will be required if five officials are to be deputed at each polling station.

In the view of the recent attack on Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal during a public meeting in Narowal, the five suspects belonging a religiopolitical party. In this case, much information is being kept hidden yet by security agencies, political parties, particularly the PML-Nawaz election campaign, appears to be vulnerable. Moreover, the government has withdrawn licences of prohibited bore weapons due to which politiciens have become more vulnerable to attacks. During the election campaign, attack on any big political personality can cause sabotage of the electoral process.

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