JIT, its report irrelevant and unacceptable as evidence, Maryyam says in court

Islamabad Politics Report/Moazzam Raza Tabassam: The joint investigation team and its report are irrelevant and unacceptable as avidence in the case of Avenfield properties, said former prime minister Nawaz’s daughter Maryyam while recording her statement in the accountability court on Thursday.

 Sacked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif lambasted furiously against those responsible for his daughter Maryam Nawaz’s standing in dock to record her statement in Avenfield case.

Talking to media in an angry tone outside the accountability court, Nawaz Sharif rebuked, without naming anyone, that a very indecent example being set and it will cost a heavy price to those who are behind setting up such examples that a daughter is standing in dock in front of her father.

Earlier , while recording her statement in the court Maryyam said that the Supreme Court ordered references be filed in light of the evidence presented by the JIT, but did not ask the JIT report to be made part of any reference as an evidence.

Maryam was of the view that the references filed over the JIT report cannot be presented as evidence.

During the hearing, Maryyam told the court that report prepared by the JIT is an investigative document, which was unacceptable as an evidence.

While raising concerns over the members of JIT, Maryam said the appointment of Irfan Mangi as director general of Natonal Accountability Bureau was still under hearing at Supreme Court but he was made part of the investigation team regardless.

About the inclusion of Amer Aziz from State Bank of Pakistan in JIT, Maryam said he was close to the military dictator, General (retd) Pervez Musharraf. She added that Musharraf got Aziz appointed in NAB as the banking director in 2000.

Maryam also expressed reservation over the inclusion of Brigadier Noman Saeed, saying he was not working in Inter-Services Intelligence at the time of his appointment in JIT. The brigadier was outsourced as his salary was also not being shown on government records, she added.

Besides, Maryam said, according to her information Brigadier Saeed was also part of the Dawn Leaks enquiry committee.

However, she was of the view that ISI and Military Intelligence officials should not have been made party of the JIT.

Maryam even read out commas and full stops from a document while recording her statement on Avenfield properties reference in the accountability court.

During the proceedings, accountability judge Mohammad Bashir asked Maryam to not go in the grammatical details of her statement, to which the latter said her counsel asked her to do so.

The cases over which Maryam Nawaz has been asked to appear before the accountability court belong to a time when she was not into politics, said her father and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

While talking to journalists on Thursday, Nawaz expressed disappointment over Maryam being called to the court to give statements on references against the Sharif family. He said the matter has come down to a situation where a daughter has to go through trial in front of her father.

“My daughter has nothing to do with the references,” he said. “ She was not in politics during the 1990s.”

Nawaz was of the view that calling Maryam to the court was a shallow trend that was being set. “Whoever has set this trend will have to pay a price.”

Maryam was recording her statement in the Avenfield reference, pertaining to the Sharif family’s London properties. It is among three filed against the Sharif family by NAB last year on the Supreme Court’s directives.

The members of Sharif family, including Nawaz , Maryam, and Captain (retd) Safdar, were appearing before the court of Accountability Judge Muhammad Bashir.

Nawaz has already recorded his statement in the case. During the last three days, He denied any involvement in the Avenfield properties, any business dealings with the Qatari family, Dubai Steel Mills and Capital FZE.

The former premier also criticised the members chosen to become members of the Joint Investigation Team, which was formed upon Supreme Court’s orders to investigate his assets.

On Wednesday’s hearing, the former premier remarked that challenges and pressure against him increased as soon as the treason case was initiated against former president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf.

The former premier said that once the proceedings started against Musharraf he had gauged that it would be hard to get the former military ruler convicted. “All the weapons are made for politicians,” Nawaz remarked.


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