PTI no longer representative of those seeking change, Fauzia Kasuri leaves Party

Islamabad Politics Report/Moazzam Raza Tabassam: Reknowned founder member Fauzia Kasuri on Wednesday finally announced to leave the Pakistan Tehrik Insaaf.
In the letter sent to Imran Khan on Wednesday, Fauzia Kasuri has protested against handing over the party to the electables.

“You opted to hand the reins of the party to those electales we fought against since our inception”, Fauzia said in letter to PTI chief.

Since 2013 , i have become increasingly disenchanted by the direction the party has taken and no longer see it as re[resentative of the aspiration of the million of underserved citizens skeeing fransformative change in pakistan, Fauzia kasuri said in letter.

Fauzia Kasuri twitted on official accout that , “I sent this message of resignation to and other leaders in the party a few moments ago. A message to my supporters in and outside PTI will follow shortly.”


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