“We are on one page”,PM Abbasi

Islamabad Politics Report/Moazzam Raza Tabassam: The Prime Minister Shahid Khakan Abbasi dispelled the impression on Tuseday that there were any differences between him and Nawaz Sharif. “

We are on one page. It is only the PML-N where such democratic norms exist,” he maintained.
During a TV talks show aired by a private news channel, the prime minister, however, ruled out any final decision on the nominees, adding that they were trying to reach to a consensus nominee.
“Anyone can be the nominee. A person will be preferred who is uncontroversial marked with integrity and enjoying good repute. He should be able to ensure free and fair elections. Within a couple of days final decision would be made in this regard.”
Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Tuesday said that consultation process for reaching to a consensus nominee to lead a caretaker government in the run up to general election would be finalized within two of days. He said, he along with Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah were discussing the names of six nominees, three each suggested by them.
The prime minister to another question said if there was lack of consensus, the matter would go to the committee of parliamentary parties, which would decide it. The last forum for deciding the issue would be the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). He also emphatically ruled out any delay in holding of polls. “Technocrats cannot run affairs of the government,” he added.
.:The prime minister said the names proposed by both sides included personalities of good repute, however, a final decision could be reached within a couple of days.
To a question about summoning of National Accountability Bureau chairman by a National Assembly committee, he said the chairman should have appeared before it, otherwise, it would not bode well for democracy.
The prime minister strongly rejected interference in the upcoming general elections and said Nawaz Sharif’s statement over the issue was misreported and distorted.\
He said during the general elections, different analogies were being coined by different political parties.
“Elections would be held in the last week of July and there is no possibility of any delay in holding of the polls,” he added.
About desertion in the PML-N, the prime minister said it was a common spectacle prior to elections that specific groups left their parties.
He said the political career of those elements, who had left the party, should be evaluated. Among 182-member of parliament hardly a dozen left the ranks of PML-N.
Switching of parties by elements could raise eyebrows, but the PML-N had a long queue of aspiring candidates, he added.
The prime minister did not see interference in the upcoming polls, however, he warned that it would not be good for the democratic system if any meddling was made.
About one of Nawaz Sharif’s recent interviews, he said it was misreported. Whatever he said nobody could read it in its real aspect, the prime minister added.
“India distorted it for its objectives and created a wrong impression and unfortunately, our media also misreported,” he said.
Prime Minister Abbasi said the issue was discussed in the National Security Council (NSC) meeting. Nawaz Sharif never said that people from Pakistan crossed into India to attack Mumbai.
“A wrong impression was created which was neither correct, nor good for the national interests and politics,” he said and insisted that the issue should end now.
In reply to another query, he said the NSC meetings were always held for consultations.

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